The tools we use as creatives are getting clever. Like really clever… here’s 3 artificial intelligence (AI) tools that are in my workflow.


My main gig’s managing the social media channels of a not for profit. Can AI help me do this better, will it replace me? Jumping ahead to the conclusion, I’ve saved time but these tools still need a human to direct what happens.


Here’s the mini campaign around expert tips for boosting income during the cost of living crisis.

5 videos

1 longform (above) and 4 short-form

1 website article

A website article with the long-form video, copy and links

15 social media posts

Posts across, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

A comparison of the frame before and after the AI

The video

So most of our content now goes out as vertical and horizontal video, unfortunately the original video hadn’t been framed to allow for this.

One of the shots needed extra space around the edge. With some prompts, AI helped generate the extra background from words only.

It’s matched what it thought should be there, outside of the original frame. Yes it needed a few trips in and out of Photoshop, but it’s worked.

The table leg, the walls and the bookcase, all fake and created by AI.

AI used – Dall-e-2

The audio

The audio was ok, but it sounded like it had been recorded in an office, because it had.

Could AI make it sound any better? Make the words clearer and eliminate a lot of the background chatter? Yes and then some! It’s also added processing that makes it sound like we used a studio set up.

The processing traditionally takes some time to get right, now it can just be a few clicks. Things were certainly faster.

AI used – Adobe Podcast

The text

Using Chat GPT I asked it to write a news article with the following request:

Write a short news article that can be understood by a nine year old about these three points; cost of living what am I entitled to, struggling financially – let Bromford know and social tariff broadband. Use the following transcripts as a guide:

I needed to write an article that summarises the content of the video, gives useful links and helps people access more related content.

The transcript was of the video above. The AI went about writing the article based on the content of the video. It worked really well, all the stats and context was based on the video.

It was good at giving me a starting point but needed multiple prompts to get to where the article needed to be. Once the AI had finished, it then took me time to refine in a more traditional way. But this time was significantly less than usual.


14 day unique page views for the AI generated article

With the article done, it was time to write the posts for social media (see below).

AI used – ChatGPT


None of the above have been 1 click and go, they’ve all needed some kind of interaction, be it removing bits of the frame in Photoshop or asking for social media posts that are “less patronising”. The process has still needed a human to direct the work that’s been done.

Could I have done the above without AI? Yes.

Does it leave me more time to do things that only a human can do? Yes.

Am I worried AI is going to take my job? No, not today anyway


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