Connexus began in 2017 as a group which managed a variety of housing and care brands. I was responsible for managing these brands and focusing towards the delivery of just “one Connexus”. In April 2020, Connexus launched as a single brand.

This journey towards “one Connexus” completed in stages;

  • Stage 1 – My work to plan, integrate and align the original sub brands while raising awareness of Connexus.
  • Stage 2 – My management and delivery of Connexus as a brand with associated assets: a new website (with real estate section), phone system, a cohesive visual identity for everything including vehicle livery, uniforms, site signage, bespoke image libraries and the merging and delivery of Connexus’s social channels along with content templates (see video above).

In the 10 months from launch (April – Dec 2020), I led the brands integrated campaigns, website content and social media, the latter (during this time) seeing an increase in reach of 1/2 a million (case study here). There’s more insight from my time at Connexus on my blog.

I was responsible for the creative direction of the Connexus Brand. This included overseeing the creation and implementation of the Guidelines. These detailed both the assets and step by step instructions on how to create elements. Including newsletters, fleet livery and web.

I project managed the Connexus website and did so on schedule. The development work was done by Orphans Press.

I created and introduced the Connexus Brand Awareness Plan. It set the requirements for all Connexus communications both internally and externally.

I produced this video as part of a customer involvement campaign. This video was very much sector focused.
An example of some of our social media content.

See other historic Connexus work on my blog and Instagram.



Connexus is a community focused rural housing group with over 10,500 homes across Shropshire and Herefordshire.